TiVo Slide Remote Lightning Review: Entering Text Finally Doesn't Suck

Anyone who's tried to type on a TiVo—searching for YouTube, or viewing Netflix, or trying to find that show you want to record—knows it's both tedious and rage-inducing. TiVo Slide fixes this problem, plus, it's a better remote entirely. » 8/24/10 12:01am 8/24/10 12:01am

This Giant Slip 'N Slide Looks Way More Fun Than Work

We love our jobs here at Gizmodo. But every once in a while even we find something more interesting than the latest breakthroughs in USB-powered humping animals. Impossible, you say? Not when it comes to a gigantic homemade Slip 'N Slide. It's tough to scale the slides' exact size, but it looks to drop a solid two… » 7/21/08 3:20pm 7/21/08 3:20pm

Sidekick Slide Scarlet Available Now For $199

The rumored Sidekick Slide Scarlet (read: red edition) is available now from T-Mobile. It's just about the same as the regular Sidekick Slide, with myFaves support, QVGA display, microSD slot, 1.3-megapixel camera and all the Sidekick features that kids love. The phone's only major difference is the color Scarlet, and… » 5/16/08 2:31pm 5/16/08 2:31pm

Touchscreen Blackberry Patent Suggests RIM has SideKick-Envy

A new patent filing by RIM for a "hybrid portrait-landscape handheld device with trackball navigation and Qwerty hide-away keyboard" suggests that future Blackberrys may remind us pretty strongly of a SideKick Slide, or perhaps an HTC Tilt without the tilt. We're guessing that the trackball is a version of their pearl… » 3/05/08 10:36am 3/05/08 10:36am

Sidekick Slide Back on T-Mobile, Hopefully Without Battery Contact…

The Sidekick Slide was pulled off the T-Mo product line last month due to faulty battery contacts, which forced the phone to power off by itself when opened one too many times. The DIY fix was to stick some business cards or loose paper into the battery compartment to make sure the contacts never de-contact, but we're… » 12/06/07 2:00pm 12/06/07 2:00pm

Breaking: T-Mobile Pulling Sidekick Slide From Product Line

» 11/16/07 9:27pm 11/16/07 9:27pm

In light of the Sidekick Slide's recent problems, T-Mobile is pulling the Sidekick Slide from its product line. Readers are reporting the Slide is no longer on the T-Mobile product site, and anonymous inside sources are confirming the Slide has been removed from retail. This is convenient, seeing as Fridays (not to… » 11/16/07 9:27pm 11/16/07 9:27pm

Evolution of the Sidekick Flip From the 3, iD, LX to the Slide

As part of the Slide review process, Benny G and I just made this super-quick video of all four recent models: Sidekick 3, Sidekick iD, Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide. What will you notice? Changes in flip action, changes in the flip sound effects, and remarkable difference in screen brightness and clarity. But one… » 11/02/07 5:00pm 11/02/07 5:00pm