Peak Design Slide Review: One Strap For All Your Cameras (Updated)

Peak Design's Slide is a camera strap that tries to rise above the glut of cheap, frustrating tethers that come bundled with your camera. How does it do that? It uses a combination of seductive materials, quick adjustments, and a unique connection system called Anchor Links that lets you quickly switch between… » 9/12/14 2:45pm 9/12/14 2:45pm

Here's what it's like to plummet down the world's tallest water slide

POV footage shows it's a helluva drop so yeah, it's scary. People will pretty much plummet straight down a 168-foot 7-inch tall slide—which makes it the world's tallest water slide—at thigh burning speeds to blast over a massive hill to ride another "mini" 50 feet slide. It doesn't get any sicker than this. » 6/30/14 9:00pm 6/30/14 9:00pm

The World’s Tallest Waterslide Better End In the World’s Deepest Pool

Either that or there's going to be a lot of squished people needing to be scraped off the tiles at the deep end. Currently under construction at the Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City, the Meg-a-Blaster slide will open in Spring 2014, dropping people from nearly 140 feet up. » 11/19/13 7:45am 11/19/13 7:45am

This Giant Slip 'N Slide Looks Way More Fun Than Work

We love our jobs here at Gizmodo. But every once in a while even we find something more interesting than the latest breakthroughs in USB-powered humping animals. Impossible, you say? Not when it comes to a gigantic homemade Slip 'N Slide. It's tough to scale the slides' exact size, but it looks to drop a solid two… » 7/21/08 3:20pm 7/21/08 3:20pm

Sidekick Slide Scarlet Available Now For $199

The rumored Sidekick Slide Scarlet (read: red edition) is available now from T-Mobile. It's just about the same as the regular Sidekick Slide, with myFaves support, QVGA display, microSD slot, 1.3-megapixel camera and all the Sidekick features that kids love. The phone's only major difference is the color Scarlet, and… » 5/16/08 2:31pm 5/16/08 2:31pm

Fire Red Sidekick Slide Coming May, Juneish

We know how much you kids love the Sidekicks, which is why you'll be excited at getting a completely new color: fire red. Boy Genius has the image above, plus gives the estimated release date on T-Mobile at either late May or early June. It's no Sidekick 4, but it'll do for now. We're still wondering how much they had… » 4/09/08 2:50pm 4/09/08 2:50pm

Touchscreen Blackberry Patent Suggests RIM has SideKick-Envy

A new patent filing by RIM for a "hybrid portrait-landscape handheld device with trackball navigation and Qwerty hide-away keyboard" suggests that future Blackberrys may remind us pretty strongly of a SideKick Slide, or perhaps an HTC Tilt without the tilt. We're guessing that the trackball is a version of their pearl… » 3/05/08 10:36am 3/05/08 10:36am

Sidekick Slide Back on T-Mobile, Hopefully Without Battery Contact Problem

The Sidekick Slide was pulled off the T-Mo product line last month due to faulty battery contacts, which forced the phone to power off by itself when opened one too many times. The DIY fix was to stick some business cards or loose paper into the battery compartment to make sure the contacts never de-contact, but we're… » 12/06/07 2:00pm 12/06/07 2:00pm