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This Giant Slip 'N Slide Looks Way More Fun Than Work

Illustration for article titled This Giant Slip N Slide Looks Way More Fun Than Work

We love our jobs here at Gizmodo. But every once in a while even we find something more interesting than the latest breakthroughs in USB-powered humping animals. Impossible, you say? Not when it comes to a gigantic homemade Slip 'N Slide. It's tough to scale the slides' exact size, but it looks to drop a solid two stories before depositing its riders in the lake. And boy oh boy does this video make us jealous.


Click to it bad that we were waiting/hoping for someone to get hurt? Not like, never walk again hurt-just a solid Jackassian moment with some good old fashioned grass burns. [geekologie]

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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Awesome, although I can see myself getting very hurt. We have one and my daughter waits until I'm standing in the middle of it before she launches down it with all the force a six year old can muster. Basically it's bolling, with me being the only pin. I'm going to pee on it next time.