Google Wants To Sell You Concert Tickets Right On The Search Page

In the Google Utopia, no-one will ever have to click past the search page; all worldly desires can be fulfilled from the results page. Or, at least, that seems to be the plan. You're probably familiar with things like weather and sports scores popping up in search; now, Google's going to serve you event tickets… »1/17/15 10:19am1/17/15 10:19am

Why You Shouldn't Post Your Concert Tickets on Facebook

The scene: your girlfriend and/or boyfriend (hey, nothing wrong with polyamory) got you tickets to The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You've been waiting your whole life to see those goats up close, so naturally, you want to post pictures of your beloved gift on Facebook, rubbing it in all your friends' rodeo-less… »1/08/13 10:32am1/08/13 10:32am

Let's Ditch Paper Tickets (So We Don't Have to Force Our Dogs to Vomit Them Up)

Did you hear about the unfortunate man whose dog ate his tickets for the Masters? He forced his dog to vomit, then pieced back the chewed up tickets as proof of his purchase. That's disgusting. But what can you do when a physical ticket is your only way into golf's most iconic tournament? Or your favorite band's… »4/04/12 5:12pm4/04/12 5:12pm

Fees. Scalpers. Scams. Why Buying Concert Tickets Sucks So Hard.

On September 26th at 10:00 AM, thousands upon thousands of fans—how many we'll never know—hit refresh on their browsers and converged upon Ticketmaster's servers like a denial-of-service attack. They were desperate for the chance to see Radiohead play one of a pair of shows at the Roseland Ballroom—a rare club show.… »10/12/11 10:00am10/12/11 10:00am

You Should Be Saving $25 to $50 on Your Airplane Ticket But Airlines Are Robbing You

Right now, you should be saving $25 to $50 when you buy an airplane ticket. Why? Because Congress didn't approve a bill to keep the FAA running, which means the FAA doesn't have the authority to collect taxes on airfare, which should mean no taxes for you! Too bad the airlines are pocketing the difference. »7/26/11 11:51am7/26/11 11:51am

GrouponLive: Ticketmaster Sinks Its Claws into Your Favorite Deal Service

Looking to broaden their respective reaches, Groupon and Live Nation have huddled close in some small, dark corner of the internet to spawn GrouponLive, a new "online ticketing deals marketplace." There's no real meat to the press release in terms of what kind of deals we can expect to see out of the pairing, but I… »5/09/11 10:20am5/09/11 10:20am