Google Wants To Sell You Concert Tickets Right On The Search Page

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In the Google Utopia, no-one will ever have to click past the search page; all worldly desires can be fulfilled from the results page. Or, at least, that seems to be the plan. You're probably familiar with things like weather and sports scores popping up in search; now, Google's going to serve you event tickets without the need for that extra click.

For the last year or so, Google has been showing event details as an "expanded answer card" at the top of the results — search for 'Taylor Swift New York', and you'll get times and locations for TaySway's next showing. With a small update, Google will now take you straight to the ticketing page. All of your (least) favorite ticket sellers are supported: Ticketmaster, See Tickets and a whole bunch more are in there at the moment. More importantly, indie events (or any that just want to bypass Ticketmaster's fees) are being provided for: website designers can, with a bit of tweaking, integrate any payment solution.

Although it's not the most exciting Google update EVER, it's an interesting look at the direction the search giant wants to take its core product. Google already displays a ton of information without having to ever click a link; it's easy to see how one-click tickets (and then one-click payments; Google Wallet, anyone?) could be stuck straight into search results, making it easier to buy stuff, while probably giving Google a cut of the profits. [Google Blog via TNW]

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They're looking to become the universal front page of the internet.

In general I actually like this direction, tt's actually crazy handy to be able to type in "My Flights" and pull in all my flight information into a google search.