A Camper Van Toaster: Because Even Hippies Love Toast

There are two approaches when it comes to stocking a kitchen: You can find yourself the best multi-purpose tools, appliances, and other accessories that might cost a little more, but promise to keep your drawers and counters free of clutter. Or, you can embrace every single cheap novelty gadget and knick-knack that… »10/24/13 5:00pm10/24/13 5:00pm

Volkswagen Is Forcing Employees to Turn Off Their BlackBerrys So They'll Stop Working All the Time

BlackBerrys are still the de facto standard in the work force and represent a sort of leash an employer has on an employee. If you see that indicator light blink, you better get to work. The problem with that is that no employee ever stops thinking about work! VW wants to change that. They're turning off employee… »12/23/11 11:51am12/23/11 11:51am

First Ever Hydrogen Vehicle 'Cross-Country' Road Trip Had a Lot of Help

I'm all for hydrogen-or any alternative fuel source for that matter (Shai Agassi, my man, let's get cooking already! »8/24/08 10:45pm8/24/08 10:45pm)-but if you're going to heavily promote your cross-country trek as the "first ever" for hydrogen-powered vehicles, at least make sure large, 1,000-mile stretches of it did not involve having the…

Chinese Artists Take a VW Down the Hershey Highway for V-Day

The Valentine's Day madness has apparently spread around the world, as evidenced by this chocolate-covered Volkswagen Beetle parked in front of a supermarket in China. After first wrapping the vehicle in plastic, seven enterprising car company employees slathered on 440 pounds of chocolate, resulting in the day's… »2/15/07 12:30pm2/15/07 12:30pm