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Following the Casino Royale edition Sony Ericsson cellphones, Sony is dropping an attache case with special 007 Vaio and Cameras inside called the VGNTX007C Limited Edition Spy Gear. Q is on crack to pick this gear for Bond. Sure, that Vaio TX is a nice bit of hardware, with a Core Solo chip, carbon fiber frame, and an 11-inch screen. It even has a privacy shield, probably like the one made by 3M.


But Bond's TX doesn't have high speed celullar data built in as EVDO, like the TX we unveiled about a month ago. Over $4,300 for this TX with a special case, a 7mp point and shoot, and a briefcase? Pass.

Shouldn't world's most fantastic spy have the most fantastic gear?

UPDATE: Nice to know someone's listening. Apparently, the 007 Limited Edition TX will have EVDO now. Excellent.
Sony's VGNTX007C Limited Edition Spy Gear [Engadget]

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