1,000 Sad Uber Employees Reportedly Sign Petition Demanding Terrible CEO Return

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Employees at Uber are apparently circulating a petition demanding that Travis Kalanick be reinstated as CEO of the company, despite how royally he fucked it all up this past year.

Kalanick resigned this week after pressure from five major Uber investors following the release of a report on Uber’s internal culture and a seemingly endless series of scandals and fuck-ups.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Kalanick needed to go, more than 1,000 current Uber employees have now signed a petition demanding the board reinstate him, Axios reports. According to screenshots obtained by BuzzFeed, the petition says employees “need to revolt this” and that Kalanick was an “inspiration” who can “come back strong as Travis 2.0.” Recode reports that the petition says the board must “hear from Uber employees that it’s made the wrong decision in pressuring Travis to leave and that he should be reinstated in an operational role.”


In the days since Kalanick’s resignation, there has been a predictable outpouring of support from Kalanick’s allies, essentially arguing that Kalanick’s “hard work” made up for that whole “allowing a culture of sexual harassment to flourish” thing, including literally calling the company “Boober” to make a joke about how much poon he got.

One such post, from Uber product manager Margaret Seger, thanked Kalanick for “creating a culture where—as a woman—it was okay to, no, encouraged to speak up,” a stark contrast to the picture painted by other female employees like Keala Lusk or Susan Fowler. The post was liked by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Just some chill Silicon Valley dudes, havin’ each other’s backs.



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It’s mind-boggling how many people have continued to think, despite years of evidence to the contrary, that Kalanick was a good executive, or that Uber’s business model is sustainable at all.

These employees live in a dreamland. I’m sure they’ll find someone to take TK’s place, but who would want that job, especially if he’s sitting on the Board? It’s not a business that warrants a $70B valuation in the first place, so it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the company’s value starts declining rapidly as more people look more closely at its prospects over the mid- to long-term. Somebody’s going to get blamed for that, and Kalanick’s history would indicate that he’s not going to take any of that blame himself. So, his replacement is probably signing on to be a highly-paid scapegoat.