$1.2 Billion Russian Yacht Comes Equipped With Laser-Powered Anti-Paparazzi Shield

Illustration for article titled $1.2 Billion Russian Yacht Comes Equipped With Laser-Powered Anti-Paparazzi Shield

Famed Russian yacht-fanatic Roman Abramovich added a new feature to his 557-foot, $1.2 billion monstrosity, Eclipse: A laser shield that sweeps the boat's surroundings for paparazzi and then fires a bolt of light at the camera to destroy any photo.


The lasers detect CCDs, or charge-coupled devices, which are used in most (but not all; CMOS chips are also around) photoelectric sensors. Guards can activate the lasers when they spot any suspicious glint of a camera's lens, which will then shoot a bright, focused light directly at the camera, ruining any photography.

Predictably, paparazzi (the only Italian plural I know, embarrassingly Looks like I don't know any Italian, and will never pretend to know even a single word again) are angry about the laser shield, whining that:

Intermeddling with goods belonging to someone else, or altering their condition, is a trespass to goods and will entitle the photographer to claim compensation without having to prove loss.

It might be kind of a lost cause, since it's awfully hard to hide a 557-foot boat at all times without, like, sinking it, but anything that involves lasers shooting at paparazzi sounds pretty good to me. [Wired]


its true a laser can fry a CCD and be deemed a hostile act, but we are devdeloping a siilar devive using an IR flash to foil CCDs- much the same way you can see a remote controls flash in a picture or video, when amped up these flashes emit a wide "blot" on a digital image in the area surrounding the emitter. When the emiitter is at head level, the images show a big white spot from the chest to overhead thus making any digital image worthless.

We want to make a hat or jewelery with emitters built in, but...

The downside is the powersource for this thing needs to be huge to work for any realistic period of time.

The upside is the favorable interest shown by many celebrity agents and reps we have approached.... and um, we keep turning my neighbors cable box, DVR, and stereo on & off every time we test. Drives him nuts.