$1.2 Billion Russian Yacht Comes Equipped With Laser-Powered Anti-Paparazzi Shield

Famed Russian yacht-fanatic Roman Abramovich added a new feature to his 557-foot, $1.2 billion monstrosity, Eclipse: A laser shield that sweeps the boat's surroundings for paparazzi and then fires a bolt of light at the camera to destroy any photo.

The lasers detect CCDs, or charge-coupled devices, which are used in most (but not all; CMOS chips are also around) photoelectric sensors. Guards can activate the lasers when they spot any suspicious glint of a camera's lens, which will then shoot a bright, focused light directly at the camera, ruining any photography.


Predictably, paparazzi (the only Italian plural I know, embarrassingly Looks like I don't know any Italian, and will never pretend to know even a single word again) are angry about the laser shield, whining that:

Intermeddling with goods belonging to someone else, or altering their condition, is a trespass to goods and will entitle the photographer to claim compensation without having to prove loss.

It might be kind of a lost cause, since it's awfully hard to hide a 557-foot boat at all times without, like, sinking it, but anything that involves lasers shooting at paparazzi sounds pretty good to me. [Wired]

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