1 Billion Computers Now In Use, Not Necessarily Useful

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According to Gartner there are now more than 1 billion computers in use on this little planet Earth. And not happy with that piece of trivia, they asked their Magic Eight Ball if the number was going to double in early 2014. The answer: "Probably." What I would like to know is: how many of that billion are Commodore 64s? Unfortunately, the rest of Gartner factoids didn't offer the answer, but they were almost as interesting.


• The "first world" accounts for 58% of the billion.

• In 2014, the first world would only account for 30% of the two billions.

• 180 million computers will be replaced this year.

• 35 million computers will be dumped into landfills "with no or little regard for their toxic content."




I wonder what their definition of a 'computer' is. Just desktops, or does it include laptops, iPhones, computer navigation systems, anything with a CPU? Hard to know where to draw the line these days.

Still, congratulations Gizmodo commenters. This might be the only web site with a readership responsible for a full percentage point of them.