$10,000 Gun Won't Shoot Unless Near an Ugly Watch

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The watch this guy's wearing was made by Armatix, the same company who designed his high-tech gun. Poor fellow can't ditch the ugly accessory though, because the $10,000 weapon won't fire without it.

Basically the gun is disarmed and a red LED lights up unless the corresponding watch is close enough to send a wireless signal. While I really don't see a high demand for it, Armatix's .22cal weapon will be shipping next month for 7,000 euro, which is just under 10k in Washingtons. The watch is probably included. [Wired]

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Tony Kaye ⌨

It's late at night. You're coming home from a lovely visit to the Guns & Ammo convention in town. A seedy fella, we'll call him ''Thuggy McThug'', comes out of nowhere and demands your watch. He's got a ____ (insert weapon here) jammed in your neck. He gets your wallet, phone, keys, then demands that nifty little watch (he sees it's not a Rolex but he's not picky about wrist accessories). He takes your watch, and everything else, but misses your trusty little deuce-deuce tucked in the back of your pants. He makes a break for it and just as you reach for your bad ass $10,000 piece and pull the trigger, it locks up and says in a KITT like tone "Sorry Michael, your watch is out of proximity".

The lesson kids, don't ride the subway.