Last week, we put out a call for the best games for killing time with your little pocket computer, and you, the time-wasters of Kinja, delivered. Here are some of your favorites—plenty of fodder for anyone who wants to up their subway commute game beyond Threes (which, yes, is still extremely popular).

This is by no means a definitive list, but it should keep you occupied for many lines and many commutes. Feel free to tell us about more of your favorites in the comments—and for even more game goodness, check out Kotaku's definitive list of the best iPhone and Android games.


BADLAND is a little adventure game set in a lush forest...where something has gone terribly wrong.

I really like BADLAND. Levels are short enough to complete one or two in a five minute break, but also saves progress with checkpoints so you can put it down at any time. The art is great, and the gameplay is clever and addictive.

- dannue8

[iOS, Android]


One of those dead simple puzzle games perfect for a mindless subway commute. You drop numbers matching the number of discs in a column or row. Recommended by Shaner8 and elaisep. [iOS, Android]

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons is really a two-in-one—think the puzzle matching of Candy Crush mashed up with the monster fighting of Pokémon. It's got something for everyone.

Can't put enough emphasis on this game. It's casual enough that anyone can pick it up. It's difficult enough that even good players will find it challenging...It's also a good enough game that even the casual levels (like the weekday dungeons) will still be played for the most hardcore players, because they drop mats for skill ups and evolves. It's the only game on the platform (well, and it's clones) that can cater to any audience.

- Mox Factor

[iOS, Android]

Dope Wars

An old classic renewed for the mobile age. Dope Wars is about, uh, exactly what it sounds like.

I keep going back to Dope Wars. Don't need an internet connection to play, a game only takes a few minutes, and you get the same kind of lopsided payout that keeps old people glued to slot machines for years at a time. Truly a classic.

- Titanius Anglesmith

[Android and a slightly different version on iOS]


A gorgeous physics-based game, where you're a galactic mote that survives by absorbing others. Perfect for chilling out.

If I'm looking to calm my brain down for a little while? I go straight to Osmos. Specifically, Impasse mode.

- sammybaby

Osmos - the sound track is AMAZING with a decent pair of headphones.

-John Wittenburg

[iOS, Android]


Sparkle is a marble-shooting game reminiscent of Zuma. This recommendation comes from Dathan, who might be the most intense iPhone game player we heard from.

I ride the train for 3hrs everyday, I have an iPhone 6+ with 128gb, I have approx 150 games currently but I've always have been an avid iPhone gamer since the 1st gen in 2008. My favorite game for killing time on the train is Sparkle. Almost every other game I find tedious.


[iOS, Android]


I second dgstan's recommendation for Dots, a simple color matching game that makes your phone vibrate pleasingly in your hand with every square you make. If you prefer your puzzle games with adventure and levels, check out the spinoff, Two Dots.

[iOS, Android]


Not every good mobile games needs pictures and music and vibrations. Sometimes words are all you need. That's Godville, a self-styled "massively-multiplayer zero-player game (ZPG)" aka a parody of your typical MMOG.

I've been playing it for longer than I would ever care to admit. All text, all fun.


[iOS, Android]


An awesome time-filler. Just jump around, dig, explore some creepy cavern, dig some more, build a new house, maybe stab a crazy attacking slime... oh, and dig some more.

- El_Furioso

[iOS, Android]

Hill Climb Racing

Vexorg recommends Hill Climb Racing. You play Newton Bill, an ambitious young uphill racer whose hill climbing adventures take him to the Arctic and the moon.

[iOS, Android]