10 funky Spider-Man sketches from The Electric Company

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In the 1970s, Spider-Man starred in a bunch of awesomely nonsensical sketches for the PBS children's show The Electric Company. See him fight a yeti and a vampiric Morgan Freeman. They're so trippy, you'll need a disco nap after watching.

1.) Spider-Man and Morgan Freeman team up to defeat a Yeti
In this sketch, the Yeti is on the loose in New York City, sitting on people's cold desserts. Spidey and Morgan Freeman (as a police officer) must team up to make sure this cryptozoological pervert doesn't sully any more frozen confections. There are so many good scenes I don't know where to start, but my favorite is when the crazed yeti ruins a pensioner's birthday.

2.) Spider-Man stops Dracula Morgan Freeman from killing people in a movie theater
I can't see why Dracula is still a problem in the Marvel Universe these days. Spider-Man wasted him on his night off in 1974.

3.) Spider-Man stops an evil Morgan Freeman from poisoning a gorilla (or something)
Unbeknownst to Bruce Wayne, Lucius Fox used to be a mad scientist until Spider-Man showed him the error of his ways.

4.) Spider-Man defeats a birthday cake thief
I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Does Spider-Man spend most of his time saving birthday parties?

5.) Spider-Man saves another birthday party from a popinjay with wind powers
Yes, he is New York City's de facto birthday party protector. Marvel, make this canon.

6.) Spider-Man prevents TV repair scams
Spider-Man's adventures in the Electroverse are so banal but so relatable. Screw Stegron and Big Wheel robbing banks. I want Spider-Man to use his powers to investigate petty consumer fraud.

7.) Spider-Man fights a sentient wall
Does Peter Parker exist in this universe? I mean, Spider-Man goes to the baseball stadium in his costume. This isn't a complaint, mind you. And hey, it's Morgan Freeman again, cured of his vampirism!

8.) Spider-Man meets the Blue Beetle
Yes, that Blue Beetle. At the time, the Blue Beetle was owned by Charlton Comics, so it was no big deal for him to go on The Electric Company and have Spider-Man make him look like a chump.

9.) Spider-Man is a menace
He's so strong he can purloin letters from the alphabet. It's official — Electroverse Spider-Man is my favorite incarnation of the hero.

10.) Spider-Man fights a bunch of social deviants
The villains on The Electric Company aren't evil as much as they're just a bunch of weirdos. Here's the time his lunch was ruined by some performance artist who put a rubber glove in his sandwich.


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Ah, the corniness of the TV of my youth:

"Spiderman, who's been out jogging to keep in shape..."