10 of the Geekiest Music Videos of All Time

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Music videos are made to appeal to non-geek masses, but some were made by some bigtime nerds—while others are just are unmistakeably nerdy. You already know where we're going with this, so let's just move:

I had to kick off this otherwise unordered list with the all-time geekiest song, Mr. Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science," a comic video that started the whole ball rolling.

The Beastie Boys, nerdy at heart, do battle with a giant boxy robot over Tokyo. Exactly.

Michael Jackson's bizarre stop-motion video from that period after he was huge but before he was really really creepy.

Ah Spike Jonze, you are the prince of Geek Video. May your army of bad dancers never want for recruits.

Speaking of Spike, here's an overly elaborate video of a smooth song. How'd they do that? ACTING! No, wait, SHOOTING IN REVERSE WITH NO CUTS!

Before he became a Hobbit, Peter Gabriel was a video pioneer, experimenting with a lot of at times kinky stop-motion photography. "Sledgehammer" is the epitome of the style.

There's stop motion, and then there's Lego stop motion, which Michel Gondry used to pretty up the White Stripes.

I may be too old to consider Power Rangers nostalgia, but there's definitely fun to be had with the Bag Raiders (Adrian says he wants more Zords).


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Weird Al Yankovic |MTV Music

Weird Al speaks nerd. So many gems to choose from, but "White & Nerdy" really sums it up.

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Dire Straits |MTV Music

Saving the best for last, here's the otherwise extra-classy Dire Straits cheesing it up bigtime—with real (primitive) computer animation!

If you can't get those MTV embeds, here's Weird Al and Dire Straits on YouTube, sadly not available for embedding.

And if you've got your own favorite geek videos, embed them below. That's what enhanced comments are all about!


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Smurfette's dropkick

Aaaah, White and Nerdy. Such a great song, such a great video. And Kirk=Picard