10 of Your Amazing Halloween Costumes

You dressed up for Halloween. You photographed it. And we all got to watch. Here are the results from this week's Halloween (and, sure, Dia de Los Muertos) Shooting Challenge.

Winner: Monster on Main Street


I put out the word on Facebook that I was looking for an awesome costume to photograph. This young man's niece nominated him. We got together on Sunday evening (to avoid getting killed shooting in the middle of Main Street)and created some fun images. Enjoy this one. It was taken just after sunset with my trusty Canon EOS 5D with a Canon 28-135mm f. 3.5 - f.

5.6 IS Zoom at 30 mm. Exposure was 1/10 sec. at f. 3.5, ISO 200. Exposure bias, -2 steps. Off-camera flash triggered by Pocket Wizard radio controls. Needless to say, we created a little stir downtown.

John Lucas

Aztec Ritual


This shot is of Aztec ritual dancers during the Dia de los Muertos festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (super fun!). It was taken handheld with a Fujifilm X-T1 and 35mm 1.4 lens.

Andrew Gregor



I was out visiting my BF's parents in NC (we live in VA), they have this epic Halloween party every year and it was my first time going. I am a photographer of sorts so I naturally brought my equipment. Before anyone got there for the Halloween, my bf's dad was out fixing some of the decorations outside. I saw the opportunity for a Photo Op and got some very eerie but super cool results! NIKON D3200, Exposure 800, Lens 18-55, 20mm, F3.8, 1/2.5. Editing Done on iPad 4 using Snapseed

Enrique Mendez

Master Chief


This is the 2nd year that I have built costumes for my son. He is 6 years old and loves the character Master Chief. He is a little to young to play the game but has seen the character on the xbox and wanted this to be his costume. I also love the character and thought it would make a great costume. 60 or so hours later I had the costume ready for Halloween. He loves it. I set up a makeshift studio in my living room to get some good photos of the boy. I use a canon 1d mark iv with a 70 -200 2.8. 3 lights were used for this shot. the main light was above him and angled down at 45. The other 2 are behind him and to the sides to give a nice rim light on either side of him. They were controlled with radio triggers. Exposure adjustments were made in Lightroom 5 and sharpening was done in Photoshop CC. More photos of the finished costume can be seen at my flickr page.

Michael Knell

Conserving His Energy


Even batman gets lazy and rides the escalator from time to time. This was taken with a Nikon D610 and a 50mm 1.4G Shot at 1.8 and around 60th of a second I had time to snap this just as I was coming down the other way.

Chris Couillard



Our neighbor goes all out for Halloween every year, and this was one of his best efforts. I really like this shot because it's an amazing costume and he's fully committed to the character, but the fact that it's just him apparently wandering through the neighborhood is what makes it nightmare fuel.

Nothing ruins a spooky mood more than on-camera flash, so I shot this at f1.4, which also helped me separate that face from the fore and backgrounds. Canon 7D, 24mm f1.4L II, 1/25 sec, 1250 ISO, Edited in Lightroom 4


Jarama Lateef

Basically, The Village People


Using a 28mm prime lens on an older Canon Rebel. Went to a party in San Antonio Texas and the cops showed up. Indiana Jones, the Pirate, the indian and the police officer.

Brian Caron

Pink Ranger Cubicle


In this economy, even Power Rangers need second jobs! Shot with a Canon T3i, 50mm prime, and a puffer on the built in flash for a little fill lighting. Thanks Kim for posing for this shot!

Darrin Robertson

Dia De Los Muertos


I've been living in Los Angeles for th epast 15 years now and it was my first time at the Hollywood Forever "Dia De Los Muertos". I had the best time there. I knew about the event before, and if I only knew a little more about the "Dia De Los Muertos" culture I would have attended since the first edition 15 years ago. It is a very cool festival with theater, music, food and lots of color everywhere. The two on the photo were participating on a "quinceañera of the dead", and they had the fanfare with couples dancing, her parents walking and opening a parade and they ended up blessed by an old Indian Mexican. I totally recommend if you have a change to attend the "Dia De Los Muertos" next year.

Alecio De Paula



I went to my first instameet in LA hosted by @conquer_la on instagram. A ton of people showed up in costumes and we just crawled the streets of LA starting at the staples center. I captured this shot in an alley.

Equipment & Technique: Canon 6D, 50mm 1.4 lens (@f2), 1/50 shutter speed, and some amazing luck (not my flash in the background).


Christian Felix

I, for one, feel a lot safer going to the mall knowing that Batman is around. Find the full-sized shots on flickr, as soon as we can get their uploader working.


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