100 Amazing Comic Covers From The Last Ten Years

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It's not just been a great decade for comics, it's been a great decade for comics covers as they've experimented with style and design and made stars out of artists like James Jean and Dave Johnson. Want proof? Click through.

Here're 100 of our favorite comic covers from the last decade. We tried to hide our biases slightly by only allowing one pick per series (Otherwise, you'd get a Fables and 100 Bullets gallery, most likely), and limited our choices to books that fall squarely into io9's wheelhouse (Thereby missing such great covers as Ryan Kelly and Brian Wood's Local, many things from DC's Minx line or Jock's Losers covers), but if you're still not getting a visual feast from everything below, we advise you to go and see a specialist immediately.

(Covers are in something approaching alphabetical order, and not in order of how much we love them, before anyone wonders.)


Covers 1 - 10:

Covers 11-20:

Covers 21-30:

Covers 31-40:

Covers 41-50:

Covers 51-60:

Covers 61-70:

Covers 71-80:

Covers 81-90:

Covers 91-100:

We're sure we've missed some obvious choices; tell us what we should've picked in the comments below.