According to the Inquirer, Comcast will be releasing a 100Mbps service "any day now." But it will be super expensive.

Right now, Comcast's top tier plan allows 50Mbps downloading for $189/month. Theoretically, as great as 100Mbps would be, it would run $380/month (no, the price probably won't scale that way). Still, if $380 were the price and you download a lot of movies and stuff, you just might break even. Let's see...if a DVD is $15, that's 25 pirated movies to reach your subscription price. And on 100Mbps, that's downright doable. In, like, an hour.


The rumor has credence as Comcast promised 100Mb connections by this year. But that was way back in 2008 so most of us forgot about it. [the Inquirer]

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