10k piece Lego build is a beautiful way to illustrate an ugly practice

Like Greenpeace's video utilizing Lego to illustrate how everything is not awesome, Mike Doyle has utilized Lego to raise awareness about Mountain Top Removal. It is one of the ugliest practices plaguing our country today, destroying an extremely old and equally beautiful piece of our landscape in the interest of more coal.


Mike Doyle comments:

Sometimes called "strip mining on steroids", this disastrous form of mining in the US has leveled total area the size of Delaware. Over 500 mountains along the pristine mountain areas of the Appalachian mountains (believed to be some of the oldest mountains on the globe) have been leveled – poisoning the aquifers, releasing heavy metals, forever destroying wildlife habitat. Over 2000 miles of streams have been buried.

While there are requirements to reseed, the soil is so badly damaged as not to support life in any significant manner. No matter, these requirements are easily bypassed by transgressing corporations that set up and let bankrupt shell companies in charge of the cleanup, thus avoiding the effort. While this type of mining began in the 60's, it has really been ramped up starting in the 90's. This is sick stuff. A fitting legacy for our children in this culture of unrestrained consumerism. Look for sites that have email campaigns directed toward our elected officials. Do what you can to spread this awareness. Is this the world you want your kids to inherit?

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