11 Expensive Apps That Might Actually Be Worth It

All smartphone apps fall into two categories: paid and unpaid. For many, free apps satisfy all our needs, even if they fill our lives with a bunch of ads. But are there pricey apps—either with a big up-front expensive or in-app purchases—that are worth their price?

Last week, we asked you what was the "most expensive app you've ever bought and why." Many of you fell victim to crazy expensive GPS apps during the early smartphone days or the ever-growing sinkhole of in-app purchases (believe us, we know that feel).


These are the 11 apps that you all think are worth the money—some are only a couple dollars, while others require a steeper investment.

When Gaming Is a Must - XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $10. One of the best games on Android or iOS. It's the full game with the controls modified for touchscreen, and that's it. No ads, no micro-transaction crap. Just 20+ hours of gameplay on your phone/tablet.

via Powermatt

When You Channel Your Inner Astronomer - SkySafari Pro 4

SkySafari Pro is probably my most expensive app, but it's pretty much a one-stop-shop for any amateur astronomer.


via Magus-21

When You Need to Record Some Jams - AmpKit+

AmpKit. Probably paid more than 150$ for everything. + 100-something $ for an audio interface. Why? because it's still cheaper than buying ONE real piece of gear. Perfect for playing at home and experimenting with different effects etc, recording (into garage band for iPad).


via TG1410

If you need more music-making suggestions, consider BeatMaker 2 as well.

When Yahoo Weather Doesn't Cut It - RadarScope

The most that I've actually ever spent on an app is $10 for RadarScope. But considering that I'm a meteorologist, I've spent much more on websites.


via MadWolf

When You Need Some Sleeping Serenity - White Noise

For the 2 bucks you get a lot. Access to a huge user-driven database of sound masks, everything from a rainy afternoon in Idaho, to camping in Algonquin, to a distant busy streets. You can blend up to 4 sounds together, all seamlessly looping, and program fade-out times and alarms. I would pay ten times the amount for this thing and it would still be worth it. Still being updated after 5 years.


via Fen4554

When Your Car Needs a Diagnosis - Torque

Only $4.95 (Android), but you need the $25 dongle to go with it. Still, considering the cost of a standalone OBD reader, it's still a bargain. You only need to use it like once to recoup the cost. Plus, in addition to being able to read the Check Engine codes, if you were really up for it, you can do a lot of data logging with it that is not possible with a regular OBD reader.


via psychocandy

When Your Digital Life Needs Some Automation - Tasker

Tasker before its price cut. I would do it again. Listing the awesome automation I do with it would require me to write a novel, no joke.


via darkchestofwonders

When Your Golf Game Needs Some Work - Golfshot Classic

Worth every penny. It's a golf GPS, scorecard, and handicap keeper. Similar devices sold for ~$400 before the apps started coming out.


via iamMichael

When You Pine for Tabletop Pinball - Pinball Arcade

My largest repeat purchase is about $50 for a game called Pinball Arcade by Farsight, they make about 20 pinball tables based off of real ones and you can either buy each table for like $3 or the whole set and some extra features for $40-$50. So far they have had 2 sets, and are building a 3rd with 10 tables so far.


via AgentRockstar

When You Need To Get Work Done - OmniFocus

OmniFocus, which is arguably the best task management platform around, is not only what I've spent the most money on (iPhone $20, iPad $30, OS X $80), but it's also the single reason why I can't abandon iOS and go over to Android. Once it becomes core to how you manage your work, life...everything, then there is no turning back.


via Jonathan Sorum

When You Need The Best In Goat Simulation - Goat Simulator

Goat simulator... FOR THE WIN. It is basically a goat... simulator.

via checoschnaider

Don't need to say much more than that.

Are there any other paid alternatives to free apps that are absolutely worth the asking price?


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