11-Year-Old's Science Project Causes Bomb Scare, School Evacuation, Hilarity

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Proving once again that there are no qualifications needed to be a middle-school vice-principal besides being kind of a dick, a San Diego veepee called the bomb squad to investigate an 11-year-old's Gatorade-bottle-based science experiment. Stay classy, San Diego.

Apparently the kid, who sounds like a bit of a prodigy, really, brought in a homemade motion detector made of empty Gatorade bottles and "some electronics." Cool, right? Shows initiative, and it even recycles old bottles! This kid should be rewarded with a blue ribbon, or allowed to star in a remake of Real Genius! But no.

Instead, this alarmist puritan called the bomb squad to investigate and x-ray the kid's science project, evacuate the entire school, and search the kid's home. When the project was found to not, in fact, be a Gatorade-bottle-based explosive, the a-hole vice-principal didn't apologize, or resign, or laugh it off. No! He recommended that the student and his parents seek counseling. For making a project that would totally stump me! And I'm twice his age! Outrageous, I say. Out. Rage. Ous. [SignOn San Diego via Boing Boing]