$12,000 Domino 80E Promises a Projector "Evolution" (and Empty Wallets)

Illustration for article titled $12,000 Domino 80E Promises a Projector "Evolution" (and Empty Wallets)

If you are the kind of person who is willing to drop $12,000 on a projector, Sim2's new Domino 80E may be worth checking out. What does $12,000 buy you? Naturally, you will get 1080p —but the 80E also features UNISHAPE lamp technology that promises a "revolution in the reproduction of color and huge increases in both brightness and black levels" when combined with BrillantColor from Texas Instruments.


Other features include: a DarkChip3 DLP chipset, tons of inputs, and the option of using a 2.35:1 anamorphic lens adaptor that doesn't require an external processor to change the aspect ratio. Sure, the price tag seems high, but it could be worse. Check out what other Sim2 projectors can run you. [Product Page via SmartOffice]



So people still pay over 10K for single chippers? You know you're being scammed, right? And I like the spec sheet: the video processor is "built in." I've never heard of the "built in" brand. Is that new?