Sim2, maker of high-end fancy pants projectors, will be one of the first manufacturers to release a model using the new DLP DarkChip 4 from Texas Instruments. And get this—three of those chips will be shining inside Sim2's Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector, set to ship in November. Besides bringing you what the company calls "benchmark quality" 1080p video in all its glory, the thing looks pretty damn swank, too, reminding us of a fine Italian sports car. No surprise, since Sim2 is an Italian company with sophisticated Neapolitan designers. The projector's other specs are not exactly shirking their duties, either.


Even though it's packing all that impressive performance, it's still just 17 inches square and weighs 22 pounds. And those .95-inch DarkChip 4 digital light processors (DLP) inside are kick-ass, said to deliver a contrast ratio of greater than 10,000:1. Available in these gorgeous red and gold colors you see here as well as gunmetal or black, its most stunning spec is its price: $29,995. [Sim2]

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