12.2-Megapixel, HD-Shooting Samsung WB1000/TL320 Arrives Next Week, Still Thinks It's a Car

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Samsung has posted the full details of its WB1000 (née TL320) analog-gauged point-and-shoot, and its specs—like its exterior—are eye-catching.

The WB1000 is built around a 12.2 megapixel sensor, which is capable of shooting up to ISO 3200 (in reduced 3.2-megapixel mode) and 720p video, which can be smoothed, like SD video, with the camera's built-in optical stabilizer. The lens goes wide, at 24mm-120mm film equivalent focal lengths, and the aperture opens up to a respectable f2.8 at minimum zoom.


The outwardly visible features, though, steal the show. At the back you'll find a 3.0-inch hVGA+ (that's 480×360) OLED screen, and on top there are a set of actual analog gauges, for metering battery charge and SD space. The rest of the camera isn't as stylized, unfortunately, looking like a fairly run-of-the-mill point-an-shoot from most angles. (But oooh, the novelty!)

Luckily, the price is also mainstream. Crutchfield is listing the product under the TL320 name for $380, which isn't bad at all, assuming picture and video quality are decent. According to the site, it'll ship on June 18th. [Samsung]