12-Year-Old Killed by Train While Listening to His iPod

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12-Year-Old boy Caesar Muloki was killed yesterday by a New Jersey Transit train at 3:15pm. According to the train's engineer, Muloki was listening to his iPod and had his back to the train as he crossed the tracks.


The engineer tried to warn him with the train's horn as he pulled the emergency brake, but the kid either couldn't hear it or ignored the warning. Witnesses say that he was running along the tracks while he suddenly decided to cross them.

Whatever the circumstances, remember that playing music at full volume while going around the city or near a road may not be the best idea. And for the love of everything that is good and furry, don't cross train tracks with or without iPod:

That's never a good idea, no matter what. [WPIXThanks Gitemstevedave!]

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When I was younger, I had near miss by not paying attention. One time I was hit by a van when talking on the cellphone jaywalking across the street when I was 16? 17? Luckily for me, he wasn't going fast. But I never once blamed that driver because I knew what I did was wrong and stupid.

This is what happens when you listen to music and walk around at the same time. I know when I was little, adults always stress the importance of paying attention when walking.

I don't feel sorry for the kid's stupidity but it is depressing to know how technology has made many of us so absorbed in our own world, we often fail to look and listen to all the things around us including present danger.