12th Foxconn Employee Jumps; Becomes 10th To Die

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Despite Foxconn allegedly asking all employees to sign contracts promising not to kill themselves, another worker has jumped out of a building window. This came hours after Foxconn's CEO was boasting to press of the fabulous facilities at the factories.


It appears the Olympic-sized swimming pool just isn't enough to keep workers happy. The 10th employee to kill himself jumped sometime just before midnight (local Chinese time) last night; apparently he was aged just 23 years.

Foxconn CEO Guo Tai-ming supposedly told the assembled press at the conference yesterday that he "needs therapy," according to a translation from NowNews. He's ordered safety nets to be erected around the dormitories and factory buildings, covering 1.5 million square meters, and said "although this seems like a 'dumb' measure, at least it could save life [sic] should anyone else fall." [NowNews and Xinhuanet via MIC Gadget]

UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that a young woman jumped last night, but survived—making her the 13th to jump this month, with three survivors now listed.

UPDATE 2: Check out the math behind the Foxconn suicides, detailing how much compensation the families receive after a death.

UPDATE 3: Foxconn is denying that the 13th jumper, the young woman who survived, actually tried to take her life. More details here.



"...and we believe they are taking this matter very seriously."

Sure. You can't keep treating humans like crap and not expect them to react to what you put them through. It amazes me how they can last with those conditions as it is. Sad to say that they'd most likely have to see the suicide rate only increase further before any major changes begin to be made.

Until now, installing nets will be as good as it gets. This crap can truly disgust me.