Taytulla Birth Control Packs Recalled Because the Pills Are in the Wrong Dang Order

Left: correct packaging of Taytulla. Right: Incorrect packaging
Left: correct packaging of Taytulla. Right: Incorrect packaging
Photo: allergan

Nearly 170,000 packs of the birth control Taytulla are being recalled by the manufacturer, Allergan, due to a packaging error that the company notes “may place the user at risk for contraceptive failure and unintended pregnancy.”

As with other hormonal birth control regimens, the majority of doses contain an active substance—in this case, ethinyl estradiol—while the last four Taytulla pills in a pack are placebos. Allergan learned that sample packs provided to physicians had the order reversed so that the 28-day course began with half a week’s worth of maroon-colored capsules containing no medication whatsoever.

The company began circulating the out-of-order samples approximately nine months ago, in August—though according to the Wall Street Journal Allegan isn’t aware the error has led to any unintended pregnancies. Recalls were spurred on by a report for a single physician to the company who, one assumes, noticed the sequencing looked ass backwards.


If you’ve had issues with Taytulla, you can report them to the FDA’s MedWatch site.


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I’m a dude, so my experience with this is very limited, but why not make the placebos a slightly different color?

If the only purpose is to keep up the habit, seems a different color shouldn’t hurt.