One of your worst nightmares just happened in Delaware: A truck carrying 460 crated hives from Florida to Maine overturned, breaking and releasing 16 to 20 million angry bees. The police has asked drivers to stay away because they can't do anything about it except spraying them with water to calm them down.

According to Fox News, the truck driver and two passengers escaped after being "stung 50 to 100 times each." Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Shavack says that there are reports of other people getting stung in the area. He also told the channel that they can't do much but spray water and wait:

Shavack says three on-call bee handlers were sent to the scene and they are working with firefighters to spray water on the insects, the crates and the truck.

"There's no rounding them up," Shavack said of the bees. "The water will disperse and calm the bee activity."


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