2012: Ice Age declares war on the glaciers

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The big villain in Asylum's latest B-movie is a glacier that moves "really, really fast." Yup, it's a war with ice that has volcanoes underneath. And if you're looking for something a little more heady, check out this wondrously demented short created out of old yearbooks.

2012: Ice Age

Asylum has mixed glaciers and volcanoes, and what did they get? The Day After Tomorrow with even worse acting and less wolves! But we're not complaining, we love a good new Ice Age feature — it's a perfect way to relieve yourself from the summer heat, plus it requires zero brain power to follow. And why yes, that is the guy from JAG (not the main character, the other guy). Now it even has something your grandparents will love!

Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise

From the lowbrow to the highbrow. Check out a new short from Kelly Sears. It's crafted entirely out of old yearbook photos! Sears has constructed a deeply disturbing bit of footage that attempts to uncover what really happened in 1974. A lot left open, so you have to draw the conclusions yourself.

Part disaster film, part Freudian animation, Once It Started... bears witness to a series of absurd and horrible disasters that strike an American high school, eerily mirroring larger political and social markers of the recent past.


View the movie here. Thanks to Twitch for pointing this out!


Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer

Welcome to Neo-Mega-Ultra Tokyo! While this short is a bit old, the entire scifi-skewering video has just been released online, and we think that's worth celebrating. So check out this "cyber-punk comedy" now.

In the annoyingly sparkly future-scape of Neo-Mega-Ultra Tokyo, reporter Holly Malone tracks a murderous urban legend. She discovers that a chain of drug related killings leads down a super natural trail. A trail that ends with no average pill pusher, but Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer!


This little short, which reminds us a lot of some scenes from Mirror Mask (which is a good thing) has played at Seattle's SIFF and Toronto's WSFF festivals. We're quite taken with the artwork on Rosa's website. But for now all we have is the short trailer, we'll make sure to keep you all posted on the next screenings!

In the near future, humanity has disappeared, leaving behind a large megalopolis devoid of natural life. From the destruction awakes ROSA, a robot part of the KERNEL project, mankind's last attempt to restore the earth's ecosystem using recovered samples of long-extinct plant species.

Wandering among the ruins of the lifeless city, Rosa will soon discover that she is not the only part of Kernel that has awakened.

Wrong Turn 4

Wrong Turn 4! Get a fourth helping of the giant woodland mutant folk, who want nothing more than to kill attractive white kids who get lost in their woods. Oh, and boobs! The trailer is NSFW and smacks of schlocky horror sequels so much that we're tempted to check this out. Plus it's an origins tale, so perhaps it will explain why the mutant hill folk hate college coeds so very much.