25 Other Names The Sci Fi Channel Could Rebrand With

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It's been two days, and I still can't get my head around SciFi Channel being renamed "SyFy" (I mean, it's the same name! Just spelled stupidly!). Then I considered other alternatives.


I'll admit; I'm not really convinced exactly how misspelling "sci fi" is supposed to actually count as a name change for the network, never mind reach beyond the channel's current demographic to their prized aim of more female viewers. But just in case "SyFy" doesn't stick for whatever reason, we came up with 25 other suggestions that are... well, just as bad, really.

1. The Sci-Fi, But That's Not A Bad Thing Channel
2. The We Don't Have Cooties Channel
3. Being A Broadcast Network That Specializes In Pictorial Representations Of A Technical and Supernatural Nature
4. Sci-Fi Except For All That Wrestling Channel
5. Networkico Fantastico
6. Definitely Not Sci-Fi, No Way, Channel
7. Sci-Fi, What's That Channel
8. All Grace Park All The Time Channel
9. The Stargate Channel That Also Shows Star Trek Sometimes, But Never An Episode That You Want To Watch
10. The Why Isn't Battlestar Galactica On Anymore Channel
11. Hi-Fi Sci-Fi
12. Sci-Fi Schmi-Fi
13. Psy-Fy
14. Saturday Night Fish-Fi
15. Zzzzzzzzzy-Phy
16. Semper Fi
17. Si-Fi
15. Simon-Fi
16. Simon & Simon
17. The Rockford Files
18. Android's Dungeon TV
19. We're Worried That You're Still In Your Mom's Basement Because That's Not Really The Demographic We're Looking For Channel
20. Would It Kill You To Wear A Button-Down Shirt Once In Awhile Channel
21. The Look, Just Fuck Off Geeks, We Don't Want Your Kind Round Here Network
22. The Ladies, It's Okay, Don't Let The Robots Scare You Off Channel
23. Well, At Least We Didn't Call It SyFy
24. The Mansquito And Proud Of It Channel
25. Joss Whedon's Natural Home If He'd Only Realize It

Feel free to add your own in the comments. Just remember to claim your fee if it ends up being used.


Annalee Newitz

I LOL'd repeatedly. Graeme, you are a genius. This is why you make the big bucks.