3 of 5 Mobile Patent Lawsuits Involve Apple

Illustration for article titled 3 of 5 Mobile Patent Lawsuits Involve Apple

If it seems like Apple is at the center of every tech lawsuit ever these days, that's kinda, sorta because it is. According to consulting firm Kanzatec, 60 percent of all patent lawsuits in the mobile space over the past two years have involve the tech giant in one way or another. The price of being the biggest tech company? Taking on the most legal battles. [Bloomberg Image: Kanzatec]


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The point of law is that its is supposed to be a system that punishes those whom are acting in a morally wrong way and rewards those who are morally right.

In just about every single of these cases, going back however so many years you'd like, the results have done nothing more than reward those who are wrong and punish those who are right.

You can't objectively look at Android or the Galaxy Nexus and say that's a copy of iOS or the iPhone. In fact, if anything is being ripped off, it's Apple ripping off Android's notification menu.

The system has clearly failed. Look at patent trolls, (like those in Oracle and Microsoft) or the BS lawsuits from dying companies (Kodak, Nokia, etc). It wastes billion's in taxpayer money, hurts consumers, drives down innovation, among others problems.

The entire system should be thrown out.