32GB Creative Zen Available Now, Really?

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A few weeks ago Creative confirmed that the 32GB Zen was coming, but sadly would not see the light of day till the second quarter of 2008. Well, it appears that Creative's US site is showing the 32GB Zen in stock and available for shipment. For some reason the Zen product page doesn't show the 32GB model in stock when selected in the drop down menu; but when placed in the cart, it shows that it is indeed available. So if you were planing on layin-down $349.99 on the largest capacity Zen when it was finally available, your time has come. Oh, and as a bonus you might actually be able to get this in time for Christmas, if you order soon. [Creative]

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Yeah, Apple may want to ramp up their touch models soon.

I happen to like Creative's offerings, but was wary after having friends with ZVM's complain about drive failures n' such. This is mighty tempting though. BRB playing Sonic on the iPod.