35-foot-tall straw Dalek terrorizes British countryside

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It's the superior life form in the universe... and it's made out of straw. Your move, clay Cybermen.

Seriously, is this the coolest thing we've seen today or what?

It's the creation of an ice cream shop called Snugbury's, which does giant straw sculptures every year. And apparently it could have been a giant Royal Baby instead. According to the Chester Chronicle:

"This was the idea that was suggested most by customers, particularly with the anniversary in mind.

"The Royal baby was a contender too, but this was the most popular choice, and we thought it would look pretty cool too."

Snugbury's has been erecting its giant straw sculptures for more than 10 years, but this one is by far the most advanced yet.

It features two fully movable parts - the head and the gun - and also includes audio.


Here are a couple more amazing pictures: