39 Megapixel Hasselblad H3D Goes to Mark II

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Let's go Digital has the scoop. While a $37K DSLR is out of the range of even most of our dreams, there is some tech here to be admired beyond the 39MP, 48x36mm sensor it shares with last year's v1.0 of the H3D. (So similar otherwise, it shares the same press photo, apparently.) Firstly, it gains a 3-inch LCD, a top-line RAW converter, a heatsink attached to the CCD that lowers the temp of the system, which they claim helps reduce noise.

Strangely, it also features an integrated GPS for geotagging images, and software on the desktop allows you to map your shots out on Google Earth for flybys of your photos. Weird, and appropriate for the pro who also happens to read Robb Report at $37K. Wannabes who don't need the camera's 5412x7212 pixel shots can opt for the H3D-31II and 22II for with 31 and 22MP respectively. Suddenly, my beloved Canon doesn't feel so good in my hands. [Lets Go Digital]