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Hasselblad H3D DSLR: 39 Megapixels, Lunar Price

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hasselblad unveiled its next masterpiece, the Hasselblad H3D, a digital SLR camera to be offered in 22-megapixel and 39-megapixel trim. Inside are some relatively gargantuan image sensors, the largest ones in the world at 48x36mm. But you'd better have plenty of storage on hand—the dimensions of that 39-megapixel frame are 5412x7212 pixels, filling up well over 110MB per pic.

Bring plenty of money, too, because the price of this camera, made by the company whose cameras were the first on the moon, will be almost enough to finance your own personal moonshot. No word on exact pricing, but if the past is prologue, it'll be somewhere upwards of $30K to $40K.


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