I've marvelled at 3A's toys before - like their recent, awesome Doctor Doom - and their fine run of toys continues with their latest Halo Toy, depicting the latest version of Master Chief, and it looks rather stellar.

The 1/6th scale figure clocks in at around 34cm tall, and comes with a cadre of weapons - a knife, his trusty Assault Rifle, and two of the new weapons from Halo 4, the alien 'light rifle' and a UNSC railgun. What is pretty cool is those weapons magnetically attach to Chief's back, recreating the effect from the games where the player just slaps their gear on their back with nary a care to how it actually stays there. The answer, as ever, is magnets!

Although the Halo 4 design update for the Master Chief isn't my favourite incarnation of the gaming icon (forgive my nostalgia but I will always hold a place in my heart for Halo 2 and Halo 3's Master Chief), it's hard not to admire the crazy level of detail 3A have put into their figure. The helmet even has teeny little LED's in it to light up!


Halo fans don't have long to save up their coppers though - the Chief will set you back $240 when it goes up for sale at 9AM Hong Kong time on November 20th (that's 8pm EST on the 19th, and 5pm on the 19th for PST time zones). Still interested? He'll be on sale at Bambaland, and if you want to see more pictures, check out the link below.

[3A Blog]

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