3D Blu-ray Specs Officially Confirmed, We Can All Breathe Easy Now

Illustration for article titled 3D Blu-ray Specs Officially Confirmed, We Can All Breathe Easy Now

The Blu-ray Disc Association has issued the official specifications for 3D Blu-ray, thankfully confirming that the discs will be backwards-compatible for when you tire of actors lunging out of the TV at you.


Making it easy for everyone to adopt 3D entertainment, good ol' Sony has worked it so that the PS3 will be able to play 3D Blu-ray discs, and the upcoming 3D players will be able to play 2D discs too. In regards to codecs, these discs will use Multiview Video Coding (or MVC), which is similar to the ITU-T H.264 AVC codec we use now, and will actually take up 50 per cent less space on the discs compared to 2D content.

Again clearing up any questions we may've had about 3D Blu-rays, the content will be full 1080p, so even though you're watching in 3D, the quality of the resolution won't be compromised. Expect to see some massive announcements from manufacturers and movie studios next month, including exactly what LG's going to sell in order to reach that 3.8m 3D TV units sold target. [BDA]



Am I the only one that's not one inch moved by this 3D shenanigans, and actually frows every time a decent flick is released in 3D?

I'm not wearing another pair of glasses over my prescription glasses, and I'm not watching another 3D movie or buying a 3D TV until they figure out how to do this without glasses.

P.S.: don't tell me to wear contacts. I would hate those 3D glasses even if I had perfect eyesight.