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3D HD Television Channel Coming Next Year (Too Early!) on DirecTV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

HD Guru is reporting that DirecTV is going to launch the first 3D HDTV channel in the US next year. Great! Now all we need are 3D displays, content, and a goofy pair of glasses.

The 3D HD channel will apparently be officially announced next week at CES, and will come compliments of a DirecTV satellite that's scheduled to launch today. The report says that the channel will offer a line-up of movies, sports and other programs all in 3D, but at this point it's hard to see where that much content will be coming from. Some sports events are getting the 3D treatment next year, and there are certainly more and more big-name movies taking advantage of the technology, but there's not nearly enough out there to fill a whole schedule.


Existing DirecTV HDTV users will get a firmware upgarde that will allow them to receive the special programming, provided they have an appropriate display. That should be less of a concern than content availability, with both LG and Sony, among others, making a big push for 3D LCD televisions over the next few years.


A dedicated 3D HD channel will be a big step forward, but a lot more pieces need to fall into place before I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with Joy Behar during my daily dose of "The View." [HD Guru]