Sony and FIFA have teamed up to bring next year's second-biggest sporting event in 3D exclusively to those who truly appreciate the beautiful game. Read: not Americans.

Sony will be lugging its 3D cameras to South Africa next year to film up to 25 World Cup matches. It marks a big commitment to a technology they're pushing hard, and comes on the heels of Panasonic's similar plans for a 3D Winter Olympics. More importantly, an accompanying 3D Blu-ray disc of match highlights will be released later next year that should play to the format's strengths. It'll also give you a chance to wear some fugly glasses.


The selected games will be broadcast live at "Fan Fest" locations in seven cities around the world: London, Berlin, Mexico City, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, and Sydney. Sorry US soccer fans! If you'd only bought more Didier Drogba jerseys. [Fifa via TechRadar, Image via New Scientist]

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