Hollywood execs love to say that 3D is the next big thing in movies, and Blu-ray is hoping to be the way that 3D movies come home from the theaters.

The Blu-ray Disc Association is working to officially integrate 3D tech into the BD standard. They're hoping that 3D, when combined with HD, will be the extra incentive people need to finally ditch DVDs. Of course, the tech, which would require fancy polarized glasses rather than old school red/blue glasses, would also require new, 3D-capable HDTVs to work, so those late adopters they're going after won't be able to take advantage anyways.


Personally, I think 3D movies are a gimmick. It's rare that I want to have to wear special glasses to watch a movie. But hey, if people are into it, I'm not going to complain against having the option at home. But don't look for it anytime soon. [Video Business via Engadget HD via Crave]