3D-Printed Electric Water Kettle Inspired by Nautilus Shells

The nested chambers seen inside this prototype electric water kettle by designer Guillian Graves are 3D-printed, their geometry inspired by nautilus shells—giving the project its name, Nautile.


The designer's intent was to create an appliance that would not only be beautiful in any room you find it in, but that would be energy efficient in terms of heating and "minimize its impact on the environment."

Graves describes this—at least according to my own, Google-assisted broken translation from French—as an attempt to explore "new ways of making and heating liquids that limit the energy needed without resorting to the use of plastics, electronics, or large amounts of energy, etc."

Too bad you can't always see the inside, though—those concentric spheres are like an abstract mathematical sculpture and quite a sight to behold. [Guillian Graves via Coroflot]


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