3G iPhone's Upcoming Chip Found?

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The iPhone SDK Beta 3 has barely been out for a few hours and Zibri, maker of the ZiPhone iPhone tool, has found references to a future 3G chip inside the new firmware. The chipset is the SGOLD3, which follows up the current S-GOLD2 in today's iPhone. Here's what the S-GOLD3 has support for, not all of which will make it into the next-gen iPhone: HSDPA category 8 (7.2 Mbps), cameras of up to 5-megapixels, MPEG4/H.263 hardware acceleration and "video telephony, streaming, recording and playback." Again, Apple might not enable all these features in the actual 3G iPhone, but at least we know that they're theoretically possible. [ZiPhone]




If iPhone 1.0 and 2.0 don't have a fully loaded Bluetooth Stack by the time the 2nd gen phone is released, I will laugh hysterically as I move back over to WinMo forever. I've had a iPhone since early Dec, and love it. But this Cripple Ware is the EXACT reason I left Verizon. Whether I use it or not (and I'd totally use A2DP, OBEX), crippled hardware just bothers me to no end. I will put up with the "buggy performance" and "clunky UI" WinMo is accused of for full featured functionality. I married a "Apple" person, and I've been trying out the "Apple Experience" for a while now. I've enjoyed quite a bit of it for the past year. But this constant "Job's control" thing is really starting to wear me out.

...I'm starting to consider Vista. Be warned Jobs, you have an opportunity to make many of us Windows converts, who've fled over the past couple of years, Apple-for-life. But we will follow you for only so long.