3rd Party iPhone App SDK to Launch at WWDC

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Last week at D, Steve Jobs told Mossberg 3rd party apps would come later this year. And a lot of geeks were happy, but lots didn't believe him, either. John Markoff of the NY Times backs up the story, and claims that some sort of SDK will be unveiled at WWDC.


A person briefed on Apple's plans said that at its software developer conference this month, Apple intends to announce that it will make it possible for developers of small programs written for the Macintosh to easily convert them to run on the iPhone.

To me, that sounds like an app to convert widgets for use in the iPhone. Now THAT could be a killer app. Consider the number of widgets available already. This bit of info follows closely behind Jobs saying that 3rd party support would occur later in the year.

Speaking of apps...the good Doctor Macenstein has watched the commercials 1,000 times or so, and has uncovered a little continuity error in one of the thirty second commercials revealed on 60 Minutes tonight. There are 11 apps at one time, and then later, an unseen 12th app pushes the other known icons down. Any guesses as to what the mystery program is?

Fever Builds for iPhone (Anxiety Too) [NYTimes]



Not too sure about Mandy, but maybe a YouTube viewer? Maybe it is Steve's shortcut to his favorite tech blog?

From the "Calamari" ad:

"Did someone say Calamari?"

"The closest would be..."


Wonder how the iPhone new where it was to give the closest location? Guess I am still hoping for some super cool GPS functionality to still be revealed... Jobs really emphasized maps at D. VZ Navigator is the only reason I still am with Verizon and GoogMaps with GPS would make my switch a lot easier.