4-yo Boy Shoots Mom With Semiautomatic Shotgun

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There are certain things you should never do in life. Like changing a lightbulb barefoot, while you wait to dry after showering. Or feed raw meat to crocodiles with your bare hands. Or give a shotgun to your 4-yo boy.

That's not exactly what the father of this 4-year-old boy from Kitsap County did. But it was close enough: According to the police, the father gave him a shotgun cartridge to play. Then, the kid somehow managed to grab the semiautomatic weapon, loaded it, and fired against his 23-year-old mom.

According to Seattle Weekly, the mom didn't hear the kid loading the shotgun. Fortunately, the injury was not fatal, unlike the chunk of idiocy that is the brain of the two imbeciles involved in this case. [Seattle Weekly]