45Mbps Internet Access Coming to Airplanes, Hopefully Sooner than to My House

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Mary Kirby—my favorite Runway Girl—got a glimpse of Wi-SKY's new inflight internet service running at a hairdrying 45Mbps. That's a lot faster than the current services.

The company claims that they can do this from their radio towers to any aircraft as far as 54 miles.

During the flight last Tuesday, airline representatives plugged in multiple computers and simultaneously made Skype video calls, previewed iTunes online, viewed a web cam of their kitchen back home, played numerous YouTube videos, downloaded an 8.8 MByte email attachment in a few seconds, viewed smooth-flowing video preview trailers and logged onto their VPN at their office. These tasks are simply not possible with the current slow DSL link that the airlines are offering today.

Yes, I think I can pay for this.