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5 Fun Tricks You Can Do with Dry Ice

You could argue that dry ice is one of the coolest (heh) things on the planet and you wouldn't be wrong. But other than seeing white smoke crawl around the block, what else can you do with dry ice? Grant Thompson, constant haver of household fun, cooked up five different pranks and tricks you can easily pull off. I like dry ice making a candle impossible to light best. [Grant Thompson]


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Reader's guide for young people: dry ice used to be very common; it was often used to keep frozen foods cool during transport. These days you hardly ever see it any more. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It's "dry" because it doesn't melt to a liquid, it sublimates directly to CO2 gas. It's very cold, around -110ºF, plenty cold to cause severe "burns" or frostbite. If you decide to play with dry ice, play it safe: wear gloves and eye protection.