50 Years After His Election, J.F.K. Goes Digital

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When John F. Kennedy was elected president 50 years ago, life—and technology—was much different. This brief look, found over at the Big Picture, is part of a massive $10 million effort to digitize the JFK Library photo archives.

Yes, that's a toy gun in that little kid's hand. Can you imagine this scene ever happening again with a modern day president?


Photographer Paul Schutzer takes aim at his colleagues during Kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign in Illinois.


President Kennedy peers into the space capsule during a 1962 medla presentation to astronaut Col. John Glenn, Jr. Perhaps you've heard of him too?


The space program was a integral part of the Kennedy Administration. Seen here are President Kennedy with Florida Senator George Smathers, looking up at a Saturn Rocket. [The Big Picture]