51 Extreme Close-Ups of Eyes

Eyes. They're sexy. They're mysterious. They're kind of weird. And for this week's Shooting Challenge, you captured eyes in all of their drama, beauty and squishiness.


WINNER: Daughter Scream

I took a few shots and this one made my daughter scream, so I knew it was the one. I used an LED flashlight shining from the right and applied some light editing in Lightroom. Canon 7D with 100mm macro lens. Manual mode 1/80s, f/16, ISO 1600.
- David Lee

The Excuse

I went to visit a friend and there was a nice big window with a pretty fall view outside. She was looking good so I made this photo challenge an excuse to take pictures of her. win. Nikon D700 ISO 1600, 105mm Nikkor macro @f/4.0 1/30 sec
- Aaron Hwang



This was both an easy and difficult challenge. easy because you just need to keep your eye open during the shot and hope that it's pretty much in focus. difficult because it really started creeping me out during post... :lol: I took about 35 shots and ended up with five I was "happy" with. man, you really find out a lot about how unhealthy you start to look when you're closeup like that. the one I decided to use in the contest was one of the last shots I took. I liked the blood vessel mappings included with the iris looking away from the camera and decided it might look better (creepier?) in a heavy black and white....Camera: nikon D7000, 0.25 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400
- Bob Zimway



I've always been interested in taking closeup photos of eyes, for whatever reason, but I never liked dealing with lighting and reflections from taking eye photos in a bright room and/or in front of bright lights, so I got the simple idea to try and take them outdoors instead. I'm also a big sky/sunset photographer, so this was a 1+ 1 = 2 kind of thing. I wanted to try to take a picture of the reflection of a sky/sunset in my eye. I simply put my camera and tripod on the roof outside of my bedroom window, hung out of it very uncomfortably, and used a remote trigger to take a couple of shots. Then I did a little cropping and color work. Canon XSi - 18-55mm lens @ 55mm - F10 - 1/200th - ISO 200
- Chris Potako


Big Blue

I don't have a great macro lens, but I still wanted to try out this challenge since I could do so at home. And what better subject than my 6 month old daughter? She has the greatest expressions every time I pull out my camera. It's like she knows what it's meant for and what she needs to do. She was just born to be in front of the camera (though, I suppose all mothers could say that about their children). With this challenge in mind, I took out my camera and just let her do her thing. She gave me one of her classic looks, and I was able to capture that expression in her eye. It may not be as clear as what it could be with a different lens, but I feel like the picture does just what I wanted it to: shows a wonderful expression of innocence with just one eye.
- Amanda Jaeger



I shot this using a Nikon D800, Sigma 105 Macro, Tripod, Ring light, and one off camera flash. I asked my wife to put on some make up that would accentuate her eye color, and we decided in a b/w checker pattern, my main focus was to get the light from the ring light to frame her iris perfectly; overall we were very happy with the results.
-Pablo Piedra


Almost Famous

I took this shot of my dad's eye one summer evening, I was trying my new gadget, the Ollo clip for the Iphone 4. The lens used was macro. Hopefully his eye becomes famous :) Shot with Iphone 4 with macro Ollo Clip.
- Renaud Poirier


White Out

This is a self shot. I made a simple ring light out of paper and lit it up with a wireless flash from the front for even light on the ring. Because I have a cropped sensor, I wanted to focus at the minimum range, but that's incredibly difficult to do by myself... so what I did is use two mirrors (wall mirror behind camera, cosmetic mirror on the left) to check my screen, and I used a shutter release cable to snap the shot. Hope you like it! Sony a550, Sigma AF 180mm f/3.5 EX HSM APO Macro prime lens, f/5.6 1/125s ISO400
-Tom Bielecki


Vanity Shot

I played around with different setups and angles settling on this submission. I used a GLIF mount and a cheap-o tripod to hold my iPhone on my bathroom sink (so I could see the screen in the mirror while I shot). I use natural spectrum CFL bulbs at home, so I brought in extra lamps to get the best lighting possible. I have a three-door vanity and opening one of the side doors to about 45 degrees is what allowed me to capture my face in my iris. I dropped the highlights and bumped the contrast to help the reflections of my eyelashes pop. The edge blurring is unavoidable, but not too shabby for an AT&T-subsidized camera and a $15 lens! Camera: iPhone 4S. Lens: Easy-Macro over stock iPhone camera (You can see it in the pupil!), ISO: 125
Shutter: 1/20 sec
- Adam Hicks


Fantastic job by all! I was shocked (OK, and a little bit jealous, really) at how many of you have iPhone macro lenses. Apparently it's a pretty popular accessory with this cohort. Check out the full galleries below and the big shots on flickr.

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