The last we checked in with U Penn's frighteningly maneuverable little quadrotor, we noted that it could probably zip through your window and kill you in your sleep. Well, now it can fly through windows while they're moving. Guhhh.

Yes, today U Penn's GRASP Lab posted the aptly titled "Aggressive Quadrotor Part II," showing off all of their drone's freaky new feats. It can buzz around in menacing circles, calculate an optimal path through several rings, and even squeeze through an opening that's on the move itself. That means it could fly through your window and kill you in your sleep if you were sleeping in a train's sleeper car. Nowhere is safe!

Thankfully, we know that Daniel Mellinger and Vijay Kumar, the U Penn researchers behind the project, will only use their talented little bot for good. Like flying through supervillains' windows and killing them in their sleep. [YouTube - Thanks Voiding Warranties]