The snuff movie. Edison had a thing for watching things get killed—human or animial—primarily to show how dangerous the rival Westinghouse alternating current system was compared to his own direct current. [Oobject]

Edison's concrete record player, one of the results of his experiments with foam concrete. [Oobject]

Edison's concrete houses, which were styled exactly the same as wooden ones. A pioneer of concrete use, he helped design America's first concrete highways. [Oobject]

The revolving movie studio, the Black Maria studio, was used by Edison to film boxing and publicity films. It captured the same daylight angles all day long. [Oobject]

Edison's talking doll from 1889 housed a miniature phonograph. And a desire to kill you in your sleep. [Oobject]

In 1876, Edison designed an electric pen, which actually ended up inspiring the design of the first electric tattoo machine. [Oobject]

Edison's battery powered electric fan. [Oobject]

Thomas Edison's Ghost Detection Machine from 1933. [Oobject]

After the Wright Brothers' success, Edison penned this creation, which never actually came to fruition. [Oobject]