Giz Readers Show Off Their Best Halloween Costume Fun Times

We asked you to send us your best (and geekiest) costumes. You didn’t disappoint. Here are our 10 favorites, but you can find the rest on Facebook and Twitter.

The top image is from: @spacecampcur8r, Jr Astronaut Boarding Real Apollo LUT Section

Michael Holmes (@rolefourlife), Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Human Counterparts


Steve Maviano (@Steve_Maviano), Ronald Miller Of 80’s Flick Fame

Ian Borro (@Intexticated) Headless


Tasha Gandevia (@TashaGandevia) A Little Short For A Jedi

Chris Stanford (@KE4MUR) The Jäger Bomber


Rob Manning, Sugar Skull & Rick Genest Tribute

Chris Johnson, Thor At Work


Alexandre Cisneiros Filho, Jigsaw

Tommy Pierucki, The Jack-O-Beard