6 iPhone Apps That Use TouchID to Make Your Life Easier

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Apple's TouchID fingerprint recognition lets you lock your phone James Bond-style, using biometrics. It's cool and adds an extra layer of security, so it makes sense that apps are jumping to integrate it. Here are some of the best apps that take advantage of TouchID to keep your shit on lockdown:



Dropbox recently updated its iOS app to let people unlock their accounts with their fingerprint. This is coming after hundreds of Dropbox passwords were exposed last week. It's a good time to change your password anyways, so might as well get the update and make your password your fingerprint.


When you make a purchase on Amazon, you have to enter a password. If you turn on TouchID on Amazon's iOS app, now you can buy stuff from your phone just by holding up your finger. Which is to say this actually might be a terrible implementation of TouchID if you have an unfortunate penchant for impulse online shopping.


Mint is an extremely useful finance-tracking app (that can also be the most depressing app you ever open, depending on how wild you went with impulse Amazon buys). Because it tracks your bank accounts, credit cards, and credit score, it's especially important to keep your Mint log-in secure. Which is why it's a good thing you can use TouchID to fingerprint-protect your account.



Evernote is a great way to archive and organize your thoughts, to-do lists, photos, and documents, so it's not an app you want just anyone opening on your phone. Fortunately TouchID capability both protects your stuff and offers a quicker way to open Evernote.



Online dating is, at this point, completely mainstream and un-embarrassing. Still, your idiot friends might pick up your phone and think it's a great prank to update your profile to read "Interested in big old butts." And while that might not be untrue, you're still better off adding an extra layer of security in case of romantic meddlers, which is why eHarmony offers TouchID integration. Tinder really needs to get aboard the TouchID train too. Nobody needs to see who you've matched up with for potential love and sex times but you.



Yep, now you can enable a fingerprint password in order to access an app that stores all your passwords. 2014, baby.


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My question is why can't I use the touch ID feature if I don't have a passcode on my phone. I hate locking my phone, but I can appreciate having touch ID to access my passwords list.

Why would anyone want items locked that are already locked behind the lockscreen. Seems redundant to me.